@@"Vowing to save the sentient beings from suffering rather than seeking personal happiness" is the code of conduct for the Venerable Master Hai Tao. The Venerable Master Hai Tao is the founder of Compassion for Life Organization. He first became a monk in 1993 after visiting Huei-Rhi Lecture Hall in Taipei; an experience in which he was touched by the Buddha statue's low brows and gracious eyes"; as well as the relaxing manner of the monks. Upon deeper studying of Buddha Dharma he really appreciated the profound Buddhist philosophy on life. The ideals of the humanistic school of Buddhism of Master Yin-Shun is also a source of great inspiration and the reason for Venerable Hai Tao turning monk.

@@After turning monk, Venerable Hai Tao actively preached Buddha's teachings. He not only established Taiwan Life TV airing shows 24 hours a day; but also created many diverse social organizations in different levels of society in order to help the worldly bodhisattvas(people) gradually achieving Bodhisattva-hood. By practicing "sunyata", forbearance, Bodhicitta in the mundane world, the worldly bodhisattva contributed greatly to Master Hai Tao's tasks of spreading Buddhism and helping others.

"The spread Buddha Dharma cannot be postponed." The Compassion Life Organization started a bit late. However, under the guidance of the venerable Hai Tao, it is catching up with amazing speed and bettering itself daily. The venerable Hai Tao's efforts night and day reveals how the Organization has passed on Buddha's wisdom and sense of mission.

To contribute fully with one’s body and life as well as executing Buddha Dharma with joy! Venerable Hai Tao wants to pass on the Buddha Dharma to each and every corner of the world--from Taiwan to places like Mainland China, India, Thailand, the Kingdom of Bhutan, Japan, the U.S.A., the U.K., Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and others for the sole purpose of saving more sentient beings.  When we see how Venerable Master Hai Tao ceaselessly propagate Buddha Dharma and profit sentient beings, we shall sincerely praise him.

@Brief introduction of the Venerable Master Hai Tao

@The venerable Hai Tao's secular family name is Huang. A Native of Taipei but born in Kaohsiung in 1958. The venerable Hai Tao graduated from the University of Chinese Culture in 1982.

@In 1991, the venerable Hai Tao visited Huei-Rhi Lecture Hall in Taipei city, and experienced the philosophy of life within the Buddha Dharma. As a result venerable Hai Tao followed Master Fa-Zhen as a layman. Afterwards, the venerable Hai Tao chose to pursue the humanistic path of Buddhism of Master Yin-Shun.

@In 1992, venerable Hai Tao chose to adopt layman's Bodhisattva Vinaya in Tzu-Yun Temple in Nan-Zih District, Kaohsiung City.]Master Liau-Zhong is the monk in charge of conferring the Bodhisattva Vinaya.^C

@In June 1993, in Fu-Yen temple in Hsin-Chu city, venerable Hai Tao was given tonsure by Master Zhen-Hua, who is the master of Venerable Hai Tao's actual master. Venerable Hai Tao then studied under master Ru Hsu.

@In 1994, the venerable Hai Tao received Upasampada from Master Jie-De at Miau-Tong Temple in Liou-Guei District in Kaohsiung City.

@In November 2002, the Master Juei-Guang from Guan-Zhong Temple in Hong Kong mercifully transferred the 47th Dharma-Lineage of Tien-Tai Sect to the venerable Hai Tao.

@In March 2005, the venerable Hai Tao visited Master Wu-Dao in Huei-Rhi Temple of Zen in Yung-Chi, Ning-Po, China and received a Dharma name "Ji-Hai" from Master Wu-Dao.

@In 2008, the venerable Hai Tao agreed to become the abbot of Hong-Fa Buddhist Zen Monastery in Miao-Li, Taiwan.

@In 2009, the venerable Hai Tao agreed to become the abbot of Fa-Wong Temple in Keelung, Taiwan.

@In 2010, the venerable Hai Tao agreed to become the abbot of Wu-Gong Temple in Hen-Chun, Taiwan.

@In 2011, the venerable Hai Tao agreed to become the abbot of Fa-Yhien Temple in Keelung, Taiwan.

@@In the future, the Compassion Life Organization will not only nurture diverse talents for Buddhism and set up internet resources, but also focus on the quality of Life TV film programmes, as requested by venerable Hai Tao. The different branches of Compassion Life Organizations will cooperate with Life TV in order to make better TV programmes for the purpose of preaching life saving. Also, all publications of the Compassion Life Organization will be introduced via the Life TV.

@@The education of Buddha Dharma is not about mere discussion of abstract theories. The Buddha Dharma tells us how to understand the true essence of life; how to respect life; how to treasure life; how to seek the reality of life; how to experience the operation of life; how to explore the potentials in life, and how to apply these theories to our real lives. With joint effort from schools, families, Life TV education and the Buddha Dharma Education, we strive to awake everyone's passion for life and care for society. When the mass learns the value of life, people will grow to respect and cherish all lives.

@@The Compassion Life Organization will continue to work on tasks including but not limited to: delivering free Buddhist books and DVDs, direct preaching on line and on TV, releasing captured life and protecting life; supplying food with compassion; offering lights to Buddha. We hope to purify people's hearts in order to create a harmonic and peaceful Pure Land right here on earth. In the future, the Compassion Life Organization will continue to adhere to Venerable Hai Tao's ideal of protecting life in every corner of society. We will extend our reach to social welfare in places such as hospitals, orphanages, senior care centres, association of the disabled and counseling centres. We wish to help more lives from suffering so they can enjoy true happiness. May the society be peaceful, free from disasters, and happiness to all people!

The present titles of the venerable Hai Tao:

E The chairman of Life Foundation
E The director of Life TV
E The abbot of Hong-Fa Buddhist Zen Monastery in Miao-Li, Taiwan
E The head of various Centers for Buddha's Education
E The chairman of Chung Hua Sutra Printing Association
E The chairman of Chung Hua Love for Life Association
E The chairman of Compassionate Buddhist Music Association
E The chairman of Taiwan dog saving association
E Preacher in Tainan Da-Juei Society (a counseling institute in prison)
E The president of Malaysia Hai Tao Life Foundation
E Honorary Preacher in schools, prisons, jails and Army Ming Te Instruction Squad
E The chairman of Hai Tao Life Foundation in Malaysia
E The chairman of Hai Tao Life Foundation in the U.S.A.
E The principal of Jia-yi Buddhist institute for monk and Miaoli Buddhist institute for nun